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Australian Rugby player Todd Carney in the news this week when a pic of him peeing into his mouth in a bar with teammates went viral. 

Known as gargoyling or bubbling the craze is prevalent within the Australian sports community. Pro skater Troy West in a recent interview:

Troy West: It’s huge in Australia. It’s part of our everyday life. My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid.

And so you brought it to Europe?

I was on tour in Austria, and this other skater, Frido, asked me if I would drink my own piss for $136. So I explained that it’s common practice in Oz, and I did it right there and then, and then again later by some lake in Italy. It took Frido a few days to master the art, though—he had a weak flow.

Is there a deeper meaning behind it?

It’s a pretty big statement. Try it and find the meaning yourself.

Why do you think it’s so big in the skating community?

Skaters like to provoke reactions.

Do people still tend to be shocked by this kind of stunt?

Fucking oath. I’m in a pub in Bolivia right now and just had to explain to this legendary skater Al Partanen what “bubbling” is. He was polite about it, thinks it’s fucked for sure, but I have no doubt he will try it by the end of the trip.

And you?

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